A reputable full-service Customs service will help businesses reduce unnecessary costs incurred in the process of customs declaration and fast and complete delivery of import and export goods.

Full-service customs service Viet Huong with more than 10 years of experience in the field of customs declaration, import-export forwarding, along with a close relationship with customs officers, Hikari Viet Huong Company is always committed to will bring the most reputable and professional service to customers, with the cheapest cost, fastest delivery time. Coming to Viet Huong, you will be completely assured of service quality, cargo procedures and transportation are completed on time as required. Viet Huong is confident to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Package customs services include:

Customs valuation of goods.
Determine the taxes and import duties payable.
Identify HS Code code.
Classification of goods.
Import / export permits for controlled items.
Pay customs fees on behalf of customers.
Customs procedures for goods temporarily imported for re-export or temporarily exported for re-import.
Long-term customs procedures for import and export goods.
Customs procedures for goods transported from bonded warehouses.
Customs procedures for goods in transit.
Contact shipping lines, airline agents to receive delivery orders – D / O, authorization to receive goods.
Submit the import and export dossier and customs declaration at the customs office at the checkpoint of import and export; physical inspection (inspection).
Customs clearance; arrange container trucks (for full container cargo – FCL), truck (for odd cargo – LCL or air cargo) for delivery to customers’ warehouses; return the records in person and complete the related work.
Our commitment:

– Low cost, always ready to serve.

– Package service and no additional costs.

– Counselor dedicated and wholeheartedly for customers.

In particular, Hikari Viet Huong takes customer service as the core, taking service quality as the foundation, we are committed to bringing the most convenient service experience to our customers, helping the process of goods circulation. be seamless, contributing to the growth and prosperity of your business.

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